In Case You Were Wondering…

Our 2012 Summer Intensive in Ohio was one of the best and we’re making plans to do it again next year, 3rd week of July in 2013 and we will celebrate our 5th anniversary with the same faculty.

Both participants and faculty left this year’s workshop filled with an even greater love and understanding of this thing we call dance. We gained more freedom, more control, and an enhanced sense of self in movement.  We had long, full days of classes and performed at the end of the summer intensive.  We met new people and re-acquainted ourselves with long-time friends.  We created new works and enhanced old ones.  We tried to solve all of the world’s “dance” problems in the Issues In Dance class, but alas, as you might have guessed, there were too many.  The ones we did cover were important and relevant to those in attendance.

We don’t teach just the steps.  We share the how, what, why, and where of movement.  Subtitles, intent, inner, outer, efficiency, attitude, honesty, and longevity are some of the terms that come to mind when I think back to what we covered during this event.  Some participants even completed the Intro to Bartenieff Fundamentals™ prerequisite toward a Certified Movement Analyst program.  It’s a rich program.

Things will be busy between now and next summer.  There’s going to be a lot of dancing–that includes classes, rehearsals, workshops, and performances getting us ready to take the next leap.  Each and every year our summer intensives become more and more insightful with ways and means of revealing and attaining our goals in dance/life.

I thank everyone involved in this effective project; YOU make it thrive.

Our Summer Intensives truly are great experiences!



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