Coming Back!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to update this blog.  Chalk it up to technology and a well-worn, yet marvelous, computer.  My friend is very old and saving itself for the most necessary items.  We’re trying to prolong its life.

The new iPad has been helpful, but it’s just not the same–though I do love it!  Soon all will be back to normal.  There will be a new look to the website <> , the newsletter will be back, the sock knitter site will be back up, and smiles will be plentiful.

I’m headed back to Cleveland, OH next week for some more work and when I get back to VA I’ll be working for the Elections Board.  (Thank my sister for giving me the idea.  It’s fun.)  Call if you are interested in bringing me in for some guest artist work.  There’s still a couple openings in the spring for residencies.  Youngstown State University and Slippery Rock University were both delightful last month.  There’s a lot going on in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area.

Will submit some more images with my next post.  Still have not settled on an image for the painting I’m going to do.  But have some ideas.

Will see if I can get some video up on all my pages/sites.  There’s a lot going on and it’s difficult keeping up with everything.  The company is beginning to use its new name, Kista Tucker Insights, Inc.  Get ready for the big blast introducing it!  And, the dancers are busy learning repertory, some new work, and getting ready for our Kennedy Center performance.  Things are beginning to take form for the Kista Tucker Insights, Inc. PTSD Benefit Concert.  We’re working on a title for the production.  Also, if you know a big name star who you think might be interested in performing, let us know.  If you have ideas, let us know.  And, we’re about to launch the 2012 fund raising drive. There’s more, but will save it for the newsletter.

The plot for the novel I’m writing is nearly complete.  Still need to give some more attention to character development, but that will be fun.  I have so many wonderful ideas.  Wish they could all work come to fruition.

Don’t forget to vote!


–But I should be back here before election day, Nov. 6.


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