The 4th of July

Not having a full-time paying job seems to diminish my enjoyment of this awesome 4th of July holiday.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate my sense of (note the phrase sense of) independence and freedom, I am constantly connected with values this country does or doesn’t allow.  It’s the fact that this day feels pretty much just like any other.  Be that good or not, I’m missing the holiday spirit.  My 4th of July will be pretty much like every other day and it just doesn’t feel right!


Up Days & Down Days

Today is an okay day, at least this far.  It’s around 10 minutes after 8:00 in the morning, so there a good chance things could change.  There’s a lot on my plate today.  Opportunity exists for change and that change could go sweepingly toward the positive (thumbs up), or awkwardly tilt toward the crap end of the spectrum (middle finger emphasized).  There are so many decisions today, and every day, yet it seems that the the decisions don’t really matter.  Major projects, minute details, or stuff in the middle all seem to have minds of their own and the resulting consequences of decisions made cannot be predicted.

Blah, blah, blah…

So, I’m going to work my butt off assuming that life is fairly positive and that eventually all will work out for the best.  (notice head in sand)  Positive attracts positive / opposites attract.

Guess I’d better think for myself and not wait for the “rules” to rule.

Debbie’s Cup

This cup and it’s twin sister are my current loves.  You know how it is when something just feels right?  Well, Debbie’s cup hits that spot for me.  I love it with my coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, or hot apple cider in the evening.  Holding it in my hands, awaiting that next sip, and then bringing it to my lips gives me a sense of solidity and completeness. Using it is my reward for being brave, putting up with the stuff I don’t want to do, and just being human.

Why is it called Debbie’s cup?  Because Debbie Whelan made it.  She’s a dancer as well as an emerging ceramic artist with a sense of movement and stability that feeds life into her work.  You should be so lucky to acquire some of her work.

Now, about that image of my beautiful blue cup.  I took the photo with my new iPad.  Couldn’t ask for a better couple.  So here’s what I’m going to do today: fire up my iPad and work on one or more of my writing projects (probably the KT Warm-Up™ project) with Debbie’s fulfilling cup at my side.


Join Me in Ohio!

I’m so excited,  I can hardly wait for my 2012 Summer Workshop to begin–it’s going to be great and you’re going to love it!  Yes, it’s out in the middle of corn country, but while you’re there that fact is lost because you’re so busy sharing, learning, observing, and enriching yourself. And, you can network and earn CEU’s.

(Oh, corn country or not, it has great internet and phone connections. Plenty of restaurants, a drug store, and a grocery store, too. The people at the university are marvelous.  And, there’s a fancy restaurant at the hotel.)

Bring your own choreography.  Check with me and there’s a good chance it could be included in the Saturday evening concert.

Getting away from life’s hassles so you can gain a new perspective of yourself and your environment can be extremely recuperative.  We all need that from time to time.

Contact me with your questions.  Learn more about the workshop through this link:




Took a Non-Work Trip Today (Finally)

My husband and I took a 45 minute drive (plus 15 minutes to find parking) into DC to visit the Renwick Gallery.  Unfortunately, we chose a day that they were changing exhibits downstairs.  Bummer!  At least we got to see the displays upstairs and part of an instillation downstairs of a room (in progress) that was all crochet. Lots of lots of pink yarn was used to cover the walls, a TV (except for the screen that was actually working), a bed, an ironing board, a bathtub, a kitchen sink and cupboard, and many other household items.  Other colors were also used, but the pink, red, and fuchsia colors were overwhelming.

There was a sign in the crochet room (crochted, of course) that stated something about knitting being a nasty craft.  Too bad, I really like to knit. I also crochet when the item I want to make calls for it. I truly wanted to take a picture of the room, but didn’t.  A little fear bug told me not to do it.

I purchased a Christmas gift for my brother from the museum’s store.  (Marty, if you’re reading this, don’t get too excited.  I don’t have a very large budget.  But, the gift is rather nice and it made me think of you.)

For those of you who have not yet visited the Renwick, it is a fairly small museum that houses American art. The description it gives itself is: “The Renwick Gallery is located steps from the White House in the heart of historic federal Washington. It became the home of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s craft and decorative arts program in 1972.”

This photo of the Renwick is from the Renwick Gallery site.

We had a good day, walked past the White House and a Boy Scout Statue to get back to the car.  We’re looking forward to doing more of these day trips.  It’s one of the reasons we moved down here to the DC Area.

Am Wondering…

I had the notion today to wag my dog’s tail.  To literally take hold of it and swing it back and forth.

We have two dogs, one was wagging her tail and the other was not.  My thought process was such that I was wondering; if I wagged my dog’s tail, would she then become happy?  Don’t know!




I need to get my rear in gear.  I have a writing deadline on the 18th and I need to complete a couple sections of my Warm-Ups book.  I haven’t gotten the hang of writing on this blog.  Perhaps it will figure itself out after I give it a little more time.

And then there’s the fiction I want to write.  I need to actually begin putting words on a page.  I’ve been studying and trying to wait until after my Summer Intensive because it needs my time and I don’t want to split my attention too much.  It’s already pulled in too many directions. But I’m itchy to begin stumbling my way in a very detailed process.  It will require both paying attention and letting go.  I’m ready to begin playing with both.

My writing is important but so are so many other things…

Pros and Cons

I want to thank my friends for keeping me going.  I’m beginning to realize that I’m too isolated down here in my DC Area location.  I miss my coffee dates with my old friends.  But in the last week or so I’ve been stimulated by some dear people who remind me of things and it’s keeping my perspective open. Phew!

Rehearsals are also great pick-me-ups.  I usually feel so much more alive and positive in my outlook during and after rehearsals.  I need more rehearsals.

Going to the gym and working out helps but it’s just not the same as an inspiring get together with friends or a rehearsal with dancers.

There are many pros about this move to the DC Area, but at the same time it’s more of an adjustment than I anticipated.  More rehearsals would help in so many ways.



Vegetarians and Vegans Close Your Eyes

My husband found a good sale last week and was finally able to get a pork roast.  He’s been wanting one for ages.  He bought other food to go with it and finally this evening, because I didn’t have to be gone, he cooked it along with the other yummy food.  The roast started out at about 8 or 9 inches in length and we ate about 1 1/2 inches of it.  It was very good.  Lunch sandwiches and other meals of leftovers were anticipated until…

I heard him cry out, “Where’s the pork roast”? He had to repeat it a couple times because I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.

Turned out that Elfinn, our two year old whippet, ate the roast while my husband was out walking the other dog, Piper.  I had no idea.  It’s gone!  It’s really gone!  The plate is empty.  She ate the whole blame thing!  Unreal!  Not one or two bites, no. She ate about 6 1/2 to 7 inches of pork roast.  We had a hard time believing it, this sort of thing hardly ever happens.  Our dogs don’t eat people food.  And now… well, she’s laying on the floor–stuffed!  Elfinn’s stomach is huge!