It’s about movement…

I’m writing a book, with accompanying DVD, about my Warm-Ups.  The pre warm-up phase of most movement sessions consists of what I coined as Zzeko™.  It’s not a new concept, it’s a new word for something that’s been around a long time.  Here’s a copy of an brief article I recently wrote on the subject.


During the pre warm-up phase of a class or rehearsal I aim for people to be aware of themselves inside their skin, understand how they relate to their environment, and intensify an awareness of self.

In the past it seemed that no matter what descriptive I used for this phase of a movement session, the word(s) I used either directed the movement, or quite the opposite,  didn’t allow for discovery.

Eventually I coined the word Zzeko™ for this activity of finding self, of inner and outer awareness, that I believe promotes connectivity and “a bunch of other stuff.”  Zzeko™ prepares individuals psychologically and physiologically to begin to be open, to grow, to learn, to change, and to feel. There’s a lot of sensory awareness going on.

What is sensory awareness? It’s an awareness of the senses.  The more people go in depth through sensing—the more they know, understand, question, and are aware.  It’s quite enriching.   Sensory awareness can enliven how people move, their attitude about movement, how others perceive them through movement, and on and on.  Thus, practiced attention to sensory awareness through Zzeko™ can enliven experience.

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