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Kista on Nahant Rocks


DC Area Dancers

Marissa Borst

Angela Brown

Jennifer Colwell

Clare Davidson

Julie Hart

Amy Hatzis

Tiffanie Horner

Eliza Talbott

Jennie Wills




Tiffany Nirider

Suzanne Oliver

Alaina Olivieri

Katie Schwartz


Nichole Unruh

Jennie Wills


New York Dancers

Bud Burdick

Brittany Johnston

Miranda Martin

Charles Moreland

Tiffany Nirider

Erin O'Hara

Alaina Olivieri

Kista Tucker

Community Members

Liam Donovan

Debbie Kadlubowski

Thom Kadlubowski

Frances Nardia

Sophia Roberts

Cindy Szudlo

Christian Tucker


Texas Dancers

Jesus Acosta

Mandy Alexander

Samantha Angus

Rebecca Arana

Brittany Barnett

Jessica Bradley

Cheryl Callon

Courtney Cleveland

Lauren Cook

Jared Doster

Melanie Kendall

Larry Lozier

Vanessa Martinez

Tiffany Nirider

Kyla Olson

Jessalyn Pratka

Heather Samuelson

Yayoi Shimada

Molly Snell

Amanda Woytek

Golden Wright


Andrea Vazquez Aguirre

Luann Alvaro

Jessica Arrizola Lives in New York City

Amber Blye

Amy Bradshaw

Rebecca Cappella Lives in Arizona

Alicia Carlin

Molly Christie

Alicia Decker

Ian Dodds Lives in Austin, TX

Katie Eason Lives in Texas

Christina Sears Etter Lives in Michigan

Britney Falcon

Kelly Ferris Lives in Mississippi

Andrea Franchini

Kristin Freeman

Shannon Freeman

Collette Fuierer

Kelly Gauthier

Ali Gonzalez

Jennifer Hart

Genelle Higgins

Melissa Hodell

Kirstin Howell

Liz Hoefner Lives in Los Angeles, CA

Mallory Horn

April Hoyt

Oreet Jehassi Lives in California

Courtney Kirtin

Kelly Krucher Lives in Colorado

Heather Lee Lives in Texas

Amanda Locke

Julie Marshall

Caitlin Milizia

Jennifer Montgomery

Jessica Montgomery

Jackie Moynahan Lives in New York City

Nicole Nicholson Lives many places, she joined the Marines

Rebecca Oviatt Lives in New York City

Lauren Palmieri

Laura Peterson

Shara Philips

Sarah Pilgrim Lives in Texas

Kathleen Reagan

Matt Redden

Mariel Renz Lives in Germany

Heather Roffe

Sophia Roberts

Kristin Rowell

Sally Santos

Katie Schwartz-Rosenau

Alexis Shannon

Kilmyn Shea Lives in Oklahoma

Julie Schlafer

Liz Schreier Lives in New York

Kristy Shimabukuro

Eliza Talbott

Megan Taylor Lives in New York City

Nicole Ten Eyck

Carolyn Treeby Lives in Indiana

Crissy Tolson

Jamie Weidner Lives in Texas

Janet Werther

Ronnie Williams

Jennie Wisniewski Wills Lives in Virginia

Courtney World




Krissy Barcenas

Jessica Grigsby

Audra Millican

Dyani Norwood

Tania Peterson

Jennifer Pontius

Lorena Rodriguez

Meredith Wetmore

Amy Wright

Kista Tucker Insights (AKA: Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.)
13594 Rumsey Ct.
Bristow, VA 20136


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